Roy Keane is not a fan of the Ryder Cup. Not a fan at all. 7 years ago

Roy Keane is not a fan of the Ryder Cup. Not a fan at all.

The Ireland assistant manager doesn't go in for all that hugging and singing lark.

Who knew?


In his book The Second Half, Roy Keane describes an incident when he was playing at Manchester United and Wayne Rooney hid the remote control on his teammates.

Keane recalls how Rooney got the death stare the following morning, when Rooney asked: "Hey Roy! Did you ever find that remote control?"

When the incident was brought up this week, Keane somehow segued into a rant against the recent Ryder Cup.

"People talk about an incident with Wayne and the remote control but that's what happens when a team's together - you fall out about what you're watching," he said.

"I went down on the bus with Aston Villa to Chelsea and the f***ing Ryder Cup was on and I'm, 'Lads...' but it stayed on. A lot of crap.

"But then I'm not a golfer. Other lads wanted to watch the Rugby League. Some, probably X Factor. What would I have watched?

"Anything but the Ryder Cup. Over the top. The usual nonsense. Players hugging. WAGs. Singing. A lot of people didn't even know what the Ryder Cup was two years ago."