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03rd Oct 2023

“He sent me a mouthful” – Tom Cleverly on Roy Keane reaction to his bad news

Lee Costello

“He has sent me back a mouthful, not happy.”

Former Manchester United midfielder Tom Cleverly explains why Roy Keane sent him a “mouthful” over text message following a meeting about a potential transfer.

The Englishman had left United at this stage and was teasing the possibility of going to either Aston Villa or Everton, with Keane being the assistant manager of the former at the time.

Speaking on The FozCast podcast, the ex Premier League star explains why he needed up on the receiving end of an ear bashing from Keane.

“He sold me the Villa project, he was assistant to Paul Lambert at the time, I really liked the idea of it. I was also speaking to Roberto Martinez at Everton, who I had worked with [in 2010/11].

“I probably should have been a bit more transparent and said I was speaking to Everton as well. Anyway, I didn’t commit to Villa but I sort of said ‘oh yeah, I hope we can get things done’.

Foster interjected and said: “You were c***-teasing them basically?”

Cleverley chuckled and said: “I don’t want to admit to that! Deadline day, I basically out of respect text Roy and said I’m gonna sign for Everton.

“He has sent me back a mouthful, not happy. Anyway, the deal between United and Everton fell through. I ended up going to Villa on loan.

“The next day, I trained at Villa. He weren’t there, he was with Ireland duty. So all the nervousness, I had to go through twice!

“I had to go through those ice-breakers again, but anyways, it was fine.”

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