Seven things you might hear down the pub for the Italy v Ireland Six Nations match 8 years ago

Seven things you might hear down the pub for the Italy v Ireland Six Nations match

The Irish pubs will be full of rugby experts this Saturday.

The team has been named and yes, Keatley is in ahead of Madigan, which is a decision which has divided many.


More importantly though, what nuggets of wisdom will we hear down the pub as Ireland kick off their Six Nations campaign away to Italy in Rome?

1. 'Hate that bleedin' song!'

From the moment we hear the opening bars of 'Ireland's Call', the insults will rain down. It's no 'La Marsellaise' in fairness. Shoulder to shoulder me hoop.

2. 'The Italians are always hard to break down. They are the masters of defence'


Spouted by people confused as to the difference between football and rugby. Likely to also say 'We'll be fecked if they bring on Pirlo'.

3. 'That Castrogiovanni fellah looks like a fat Hozier!'

South Africa v Italy - Castle Incoming Tour

No explanation needed. We'll let that sit with you for a while.


4. 'Sexton would have put that over with his eyes closed'

The pressure on Ian Keatley to be 100% accurate will be huge tomorrow or else this will be rolled out ad nauseum by the 'experts'.

5. 'That new Irish jersey looks like a blouse'

The new Canterbury jersey has been a bone of contention among some people. Some people love it and others think it looks like one of those low-cut tops that rugby players like to wear on a night out.


Rob Kearney 10/8/2014

6. 'I wonder did they switch on their Roman charges. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.......hahahahahahahahahahahahaha'

There will be a bloke in the pub who has waited for this match for two years. Just so he can unleash this 'play on words' as the inevitable image of Irish fans in the stadium appears. He will then laugh. A lot.

7. 'Why are Italy wearing the Dublin GAA kit?'

The Italians will be wearing for the first time their brand spanking new kit. This one:


RBS Six Nations Launch

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