PIC: Sligo Rovers have their say on the giant Ben Bulben "No" sign 3 years ago

PIC: Sligo Rovers have their say on the giant Ben Bulben "No" sign

They're not the only ones with an opinion on it.

A giant "No" sign, erected by Sligo for Life on the side of Ben Bulben this morning, has caused controversy in Ireland. The sign is part of the No side's campaign ahead of next Friday's referendum on the Eighth Amendment.


Ben Bulben is regarded as an Irish landmark and a major tourist attraction by many, as well as an area of great natural beauty, and Ocean FM host Niall Delaney has accused Sligo for Life of "defacing" the mountain.

Sligo for Life defended their right to put the sign there, arguing that they attained all the necessary permissions from private landowners. Sligo County Council has distanced itself from the matter entirely, writing "As the land where the lettering was placed is commonage, Sligo County Council has no role in this matter."

Football club Sligo Rovers have responded to the sign in a very different way, writing on Twitter: "We at The Showgrounds do not agree with the use of Sligo scenery as a billboard as we saw this morning on Ben Bulben."

Though the accompanying photo would suggest that there's one message their happy to see emblazoned on the iconic mountain (as long as its done in Photoshop).