So the New York Times thought Andy Murray was English 8 years ago

So the New York Times thought Andy Murray was English

The joke about the Wimbledon champ being Scottish or British is well worn out, but the New York Times took a new angle yesterday.

Yesterday was a pretty great day for Andy Murray. The first British male to win Wimbledon in 77 years, the first British singles winner since Virginia Wade in 1977, he should no longer have to hear any questions about if and when he would win the biggest prize in his sport.


All day yesterday the jokes about his nationality had been flying, with the classic ‘Scottish if he loses, British if he wins’ line being trotted out about a million times on Twitter. We’re all bored of it so you can imagine how Murray feels.

Anyway, as most of the UK celebrated his win last night, one of the biggest names in journalism offered a new slant on the Murray nationality story.

Just minutes after Murray had beaten Novak Djokovic the New York Times had their match report ready and tweeted out the following story.

NY Times England


The accompanying story had the same headline and as you might imagine, a lot of people, especially Scots, didn’t take the news too kindly.

Murray tweet 2

Within minutes the story was changed to ‘After 77 Years, Murray and Britain Rule’. We suspect someone in the New York Times received a right bollocking though...

Hat-tip to Buzzfeed for the screen caps