So there were a few rule changes made to the International Rules Series today 6 years ago

So there were a few rule changes made to the International Rules Series today

It’s more a little bit of tinkering than anything radical, but anything that can help what is becoming a flagging series should be welcomed.

With all due respect to those who took part, the most recent instalments of the International Rules Series haven’t done much to capture the imagination, mainly due to the fact that the Aussies have been so uncompetitive. Ireland won last year’s series by a record margin of 101 points on home turf, while two years previous, Steven McDonnell captained Ireland to a 65-point series win Down Under.


Mindful of the decline in quality, the GAA and AFL have come together and have decided to implement a few rule changes and according to a press release issued by the GAA today, the changes have been designed to allow for a broader range of AFL players to participate in the game.

The AFL recently confirmed that the Australian team for the 2014 Series will be compiled entirely of players who have All-Australian experience. Major AFL stars such as Patrick Dangerfield, Luke Hodge, Scott Pendlebury and Joel Selwood have already committed to this year’s single-test encounter in Perth in November.

See the summary of the rule changes below:

• Goalkeepers must now kick the ball out beyond the 45m line after all wides, behinds and overs, which will help bring the taller players (and contested marks) into play. Failure of a goalkeeper to kick over the 45m line will result in a free kick to the opposition (from the 45m line).

• The number of consecutive handpasses allowed has been raised from 4 to 6

• Interchanges have been increased to 15 per quarter (60 for match) with an unlimited number allowed at the quarter, half and three quarter time intervals.

• Marks have been eliminated for kicks backwards – play on will be called in such circumstances