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11th Aug 2014

That’s Gas! The Laois manager who hilariously asked a 63-year-old granny to ref a GAA game has given a cracking interview

We need to make this happen...

Paul Moore

We need to make this happen…

This weekend will be remembered for one thing. No it’s not Rory McIlroy’s stunning back 9 at Valhalla, the ferocious clash between Limerick and Kilkenny or Donegal and Dublin booking their semi-final spots in the football.

No, this weekend was all about accidental texts. We brought you the epic love story of Steve and Paddy Power but this accidental text message sent from Laois GAA manager Jack Nolan to a 63 year old granny is hilarious.


Midlands Sport have managed to track down the Castletown manager to get his side of the story and it’s bloody hilarious.

All we can say is fair play to him.

If any of you know who this famous granny is then get in touch with us. You never know, she might be the next Frank Murphy, Mickey Kearins or Simon Deignan.


H.T – Midlands Sport