The 5 people you'll meet while running a marathon 5 years ago

The 5 people you'll meet while running a marathon

Stretch those hammies and extend those quads. It's almost time for the biggest running event in the Irish calendar.

Yes, the SEE Airtricty Dublin Marathon is just around the bend.

If you haven't started your training yet, it might be time to get your ar*e off the the couch and start running.


Don't worry too much though, a bit of training and you should be set.

You might not be quite ready for the people you'll meet on it though. Here are the 5 people you'll see at every marathon.

Under-prepared Ursala

This is the person who only remembers they're signed-up to a marathon the week before.

They usually run for about 15 seconds before breaking into a very casual walk.


Walking William

He's going to walk the 26.2 miles and he's going to take his time doing it. But he'll still finish and that's what counts.

turtle This is actually a gif

Contender Carl

If you see this person, it will almost certainly be before the race, because as soon as it starts they'll be way ahead of you.


Fancy dress Frank

These guys look hilarious 'n all, but they often forget that they have to actually run in their crazy costumes.


Picture via The Telegraph 

Bleeding nipples Niall

You'd be surprised how many runners skip toilet breaks because they're close to their best time.

Don't even get us started on those folks who have red patches around their nipples.


Pic via Flikr

So there you have it, the 5 different runners you'll meet at this year's SSE Airtricity Dublin Marathon. Which one are you?

You can get more information about the marathon and find entry forms here.

The team's training schedules will be posted weekly on the SSE Airtricity website so be sure to follow their progress and replicate their training plans.