The All Blacks, Mike Tyson & Leitrim: 5 results which shook sport 7 years ago

The All Blacks, Mike Tyson & Leitrim: 5 results which shook sport

Sport isn't an exact science.

On any given day any side can defeat any other.


It's been proven time and time again that the underdogs can topple the heavyweights.

It's one of the things that make sports so compelling.

Here are five results which shocked the world.

Buster Douglas v Mike Tyson 1990


Tyson was the undisputed, undefeated Heavyweight Champion of the World.

Douglas was supposed to be just another number on Tyson's knock-out list.

But that's not how it went and that night in November 1990 was engrained in sporting history.


Greece Euro 2004

When Greece played in the 2004 European Championship, football fans expected a spirited display followed by a glorious exit.

Instead, they saw Greece become champions after repeatedly defying the odds.

To be fair, their stultifying boring brand of football ensured that went down as one of sport's least popular underdog stories.


Leitrim v Mayo 1994

Unbelievably, this was only the second time Leitrim had lifted the Connacht title.

And they did it the hard way, defeating Roscommon and Galway on their way to the final. A great day for a county with a population of less than 30,000.

The result was a massive day for Leitrim and the GAA world generally, which always delights in a lesser light coming of age.


Munster v All Blacks 1978

Munster fans don't ever mention this day, do they?

Okay, we jest, but if the author of this article's province had such a victory, he'd brag too.

All we have to do now is see will the All Blacks travel to The Sportsground... we won't hold our breath.

New England Patriots v New York Giants 2007

The Pats were going for the perfect season, but the Giants hadn't read the script.

David Tyree's catch was the stand-out moment and what a moment it was.

The SPAR Own Brand range is another great underdog story. They've come from nowhere to surprise us with excellent quality at a fantastic price.