The Haka this; Some of the best amateur Hakas ever performed 5 years ago

The Haka this; Some of the best amateur Hakas ever performed

The Haka isn't just the preserve of professional rugby teams. Anyone can have a lash, even Beyonce.

All week we have been showing you all manner of Hakas and Haka responses. The reason? To make sure you grab some of your mates and enter this great Lidl competition. The supermarket has €2,500 of rugby gear to give away and all you have to do is grab your team-mates from the club, or your schoolmates, and shoot a video of all of you doing an Irish-style Haka.

We don't expect you to out do the All Blacks - in fact the more innovative your effort is the better - so here's a few examples of regular folk, a pop star, attempting a more alternative version of the famous ritual.

Beyonce performs the Haka

While on tour in New Zealand last year, her support act, New Zealander Stan Walker and some of the crew performed a Haka for the singer backstage in Aukland. And in fairness to Beyonce, she gives as good as she got.

Schoolkids welcome the New Zealand rugby league team

The Union lads don't have a monopoly on the Haka so when the New Zealand rugby league team were in England for the recent World Cup a group of schoolkids in Doncaster welcomed them to the area. The team responded with a fearsome Haka of their own.

Now it's your turn!! For more info, just click here