The Irish media's actual reaction to Ireland's 1-1 draw with England in Italia '90 is fantastic 6 years ago

The Irish media's actual reaction to Ireland's 1-1 draw with England in Italia '90 is fantastic


25 years ago, the Republic of Ireland dressing room must have been in a state of pure jubilation, joy and happiness after Kevin Sheedy's thumping shot ensured a well deserved point against England.


Gary Lineker gave Bobby Robson's men an early lead but as the thunder and lightening struck in the sky, Ireland rallied with one of the sweetest strikes in the nations footballing history.

1990 World Cup Finals, Cagliari, Italy, 11th June, 1990, England 1 v Republic Of Ireland 1, Republic of Ireland's Tony Cascarino wins the ball in the air ahead of England's Stuart Pearce and Terry Butcher  (Photo by Bob Thomas/Getty Images)

Various reporters from The Irish Times and The Independent were over in Cagliari and we've trolled through the JOE archives to bring you their first-hand account of a famous match, along with some of the people involved.

Have a look at some famous words.

Here's Bill O'Herlihy's opening link

Dunphy's hair and the scenes around the country are a joy to behold.


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Vincent Hogan on the cultural significance

"This was a collision of two creeds, a stark portrayal of the distinction between elation and despair at full-time."

Should he have done better?

Kevin Meyers on the atmosphere in the stadium


"One nil, one nil shouted the England fans with great relish, repaying the taunts they had to endure for the two years since Stuttgart. Still though, the Irish crowds support for the team remained a tangible thing that stretched across the pitch, you could have built a fly-over on it."

1990 World Cup Finals, Cagliari, Italy, 11th June, 1990, England 1 v Republic Of Ireland 1, A huge lightning bolt strikes over the Sant' Elia Stadium during the match  (Photo by Bob Thomas/Getty Images)

TV critic Sean Kilfeather on how RTE panel discussed Lineker's goal

Sean Kilfeather


"At half-time the RTE panel were at one. McCarthy was at fault. The mortal-sins of ball-watching, lazy-mindedness and lack of pace were cied as his weaknesses. "Should there be changes at half-time," inquired the sensible Bill O'Herlihy. "Oh no," they chorused.

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Kevin Moran on the tempo


"We may have begun like timid rabbits but we finished like hungry lions, thirsty for victory and mauling the English carcass in every sector of the field."

World Cup 1990 Republic of Ireland vs Romania The Ireland team ©INPHO/Billy Stickland

These wonderful match reports

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Indo Front page

Joe Conneally on how O'Connell Street looked

"From a distance, O'Connell Street must have resembled a Good Friday in the war years or the day the Pope visited the Phoenix Park."

The Irish team meet Pope John Paul II 1990

Jack Charlton on his players

"This team was a credit to Ireland, not merely for the manner in which they played but in their behaviour on the field also."

In need of some fishing

Seamus Martin on how people in the R.D.S reacted to Sheedy's goal

"Stands of scaffolding which housed the 6,000 World Cup spectators at the R.D.S got the ultimate test when Kevin Sheedy scored. Grown men jumped up and down on precarious structures but like the Irish defence, they held tight."

Jack Charlton on his man-of-the-match

"Paul McGrath was magnificent. This was his finest hour for Ireland and when we needed a rallying point he provided one."

Andy Townsend and Paul McGrath and Paul Gascoigne 1990

Kevin Moran on what the result meant at the time

"Take it from me, our supporters will be able to hoist the green, white and gold with pride before we say goodbye to the tournament."

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