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01st Jun 2018

TV presenter makes a fool of himself arguing about James McClean’s tattoo of Free Derry Corner

Paul Moore

James McClean


In the last few days, the incredibly unnecessary and horrendously OTT coverage of Raheem Sterling’s latest tattoo has been a very unwelcome sight.

Since the ridiculous ‘controversy’ spread, the Manchester City and England player has even explained his decision to get an assault rifle tattooed on his leg.

Sterling said: “When I was two, my father died from being gunned down to death. I made a promise to myself. I would never touch a gun in my lifetime. I shoot with my right foot so it has a deeper meaning.”

Despite this succinct and definitive stance, certain people are still trying to make an issue out of this.

In the aftermath of this stupid ‘controversy,’ a TV presenter that has been featured on Sky Atlantic and Sky News has weighed in on the issue and tried to brand James McClean’s tattoo of the Free Derry Corner as one that is ‘terrorist supporting’.

Here’s what Phil Campion had to say.

As many of you will know, Free Derry Corner is a historical landmark that’s a cornerstone of the culture, identity and history of Derry and its citizens.

The mural was there during the civil rights rally in 1972 and it was there during the tragedy of Bloody Sunday – an atrocity that the British Government (David Cameron’s one) has since apologised for.

Free Derry Corner is in NO WAY a terrorist-supporting message. That’s abundantly clear.

In the present era, Free Derry Corner is the personification of the idea that the people of Derry, regardless of political persuasion, are exactly that. Free to make their own choices. Free to support their own beliefs. Free to pursue a life of happiness for them and their families. Free to make peace with the past and work towards a brighter future. Free to critique the woefully incorrect opinion of a TV presenter. Free to defend one of their most famous sons, James McClean.

On that note, ‘Big Phil’ is free to express his opinion, as are these people, who didn’t take too kindly to the initial tweet…