Only one GAA player failed a doping test last year 6 years ago

Only one GAA player failed a doping test last year

There were 95 tests in total.

Sport Ireland has released findings of the doping tests that they carried out last year and three athletes, one of whom is a GAA player, was found in breach of the rules. Last year, Sport Ireland conducted 1028 tests overall, including 295 blood tests.


Regarding the GAA, there were 95 tests in total - 44 in competition and 51 out of competition - with just one player failing their doping test after testing positive for Stanozolol which is a anabolic steroid.


Sport Ireland says that it’s moving away from the emphasis on in-competition testing, with the majority of tests now occurring out of competition.

John Treacy CEO, Sport Ireland commented “Our aim is to drive and support stakeholders to create a a safe environment that will nurture young people and allow them to excel in their chosen sport. This can only be achieved through promoting the spirit of sport and collaboration with stakeholders in the areas of education, testing, intelligence and investigations”.