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10th Jul 2014

UFC’s Official Facebook page has a fine dig at Garth Brooks

Well played unknown admin person, well played.


Well played unknown admin person, well played.

As you may have heard, UFC 176 has been postponed. Due to go down in LA on August 2, the entire card has been moved because of an injury to headliner Jose Aldo.

Now his title fight with Chad Mendes will be rescheduled for later in the year while the other fights on the 176 bill will be moved to other cards, with most probably wedged into the 177 show set for August 30 in Sacramento.

Anyway, the UFC’s UK Facebook page posted the news on their page yesterday and eagle-eyed JOE reader Mark Donnelly spotted one very topical reply from the page admin to a question from a fan.

UFC Garth Brooks

Nicely done UFC…