Universal announce Notorious, the official Conor McGregor documentary 6 years ago

Universal announce Notorious, the official Conor McGregor documentary

One of the biggest film companies in the world are behind the project of the sports star still on the rise.

There was a TV documentary on McGregor a few years back called The Notorious, which looked at his relative rise to fame, but even since then, he has only gone from strength to strength, from the stratosphere right out of orbit and become his own galaxy of fame.


A few days ago, McGregor teased some footage of a mysterious project, but at the time, it wasn't really clear what to make of it.

Since then, Universal Pictures themselves have confirmed that they are behind the project titled Notorious, and it will be the official documentary of Conor McGregor's rise.


Curiously, the tweet was sent out by the Universal Pictures Entertainment account, and not the Universal Pictures account, which would seem to indicate that the documentary will be bypassing cinemas and going straight to DVD/Blu-Ray and other home consumption outlets.

The movie is co-produced by McGregor himself, and is directed by Gavin Fitzgerald, who was a cinematographer on The Notorious documentary a few years back, before directed the TV documentary The Fighting Irish, on the rise of MMA here in Ireland.


There hasn't been a proper documentary released about MMA (outside of those with a HBO account), and mirroring the rise of the sport to the rise of one of the sport's biggest characters is probably a wise choice.

It looks like the doc won't be released until after the Mayweather and McGregor fight in late August, which has provided so many jaw dropping moments that you could almost make a documentary entirely about this fight all by itself.