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29th Jan 2016

VIDEO: Absolutely amazing footage of a man paragliding around the Northern Lights

Colm Boohig

The is truly stunning.

It is hard to be awed by what you see on the internet these days, but this clip really did take us aback.

Mashable has posted Red Bull’s incredible video of Spanish paraglider Horacio Llorens flying in and around the Norther Lights in Tromsø in Norway.

Even the music used here is beautiful, but the unforgettable journey came at a risk for Llorens, who had to combat temperatures of -15 degrees by wearing battery-heated gloves and a wetsuit.

Adding to the fact that he’s Spanish, the freezing conditions made it even more challenging for Horacio, who described the experience as “hardcore”.

Take just a minute out to look a this, because it’s unreal.

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