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18th Mar 2014

Video: Brutal head kick ends MMA fight after just ONE second for new world record


From a UCMMA promotion event at the weekend, we simply can’t see this record being beaten.

The official UFC record for the quickest KO stands at seven seconds and is held by Todd Duffee, who ended a fight with Tim Hague in super-fast fashion at UFC 102.

But the overall MMA record is considerably lower than that mark thanks to this incredible bout at the weekend. In a welterweight match in the UCMMA, a British promotion, Mike Garrett ended his fight with a fighter called Sam Heron in just over one second, as he landed a perfect kick to the jaw in the very opening exchange.

Skip to 1.26 to see the very brief action

Okay, by the time the ref calls it off it might be just over three seconds, but that is still faster than this bout, considered by many to the fastest before the weekend.

This is one record that could stand for a very, very long time. Unlike poor Mr Heron.

Thanks to JOE reader Martin Forte for mailing us in the clip.