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11th Nov 2013

Video: Brutal kick to the head ends UFC bout in 40 seconds

Jeremy Stephens was the star of the show in Brazil.


Jeremy Stephens was the star of the show in Brazil.

It wasn’t a good night for Rony Jason. The Brazilian was fighting in front of his compatriots at UFC Fight Night 32 over the weekend, and looking to preserve a four-year unbeaten run, but the featherweight’s night would only last 40 seconds.

As he tried to throw a right hand at his opponent Jeremy Stephens, he was was instead met with a vicious kick to the side of the head, which knocked him sprawling before receiving another fierce dig before the ref stepped in. Skip to 0.25 for the action.

And as if that wasn’t bad enough, in his frustration at such a convincing defeat, it is reported Jason punched a wall after the fight and had to be taken to hospital to have 35 stitches put in to heal that injury.

Now that’s a bad day at the office/octagon.