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24th Jun 2015

Video: Cavan lads have a very funny forfeit for their mate who finished last in Fantasy League

A step down the league ladder

Paul Moore

A ‘step’ down the league ladder.

The Premier League season has been over for a few weeks now as footballers are currently lapping up the sun in some gorgeous holiday location, probably Trabolgan.

The only worry for Chelsea’s players when they return is making room for another medal in their trophy cabinet while the players at Burnley, QPR and Hull City will all have to get used to the kick in the arse that is relegation.

Stoke City v Queens Park Rangers - Premier League

Fans also have to deal with a degree of shame though, especially if you finish last in a Fantasy League with your mates.

Paul Browne and ten of his friends from Cavan all put €20 into a kitty at the start of the season with the winner taking the prize money.

The winer was also offered another incentive though, they would also be given permission to shave a bowl haircut on the person that came last.

The lads are men of their word.

Fantasy Premier League: 11 players€20 each1st gets the money… Last gets the bowl!

Posted by Paul Browne on Tuesday, 23 June 2015