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20th Mar 2014

Video: Did anyone hear Bill O’Herlihy’s mad stat about David Moyes on RTE last night?

Come again Bill?

Conor Heneghan

Come again Bill?

The RTE football panel have few peers when it comes to entertaining post-match analysis and although they were down a man or two, they still managed to deliver the goods following Manchester United’s win over Olympiacos last night.

Of course, you have to take everything that they say with a pinch of salt, as was the case when Bill O’Herlihy threw out a stat about the amount of players that David Moyes has scouted with a view to overhauling the Manchester United squad in the summer. Or at least we think that’s what Bill was on about.

You probably had to do a double-take after hearing Billo in the video above, but just in case you missed it, he said: “He has seen 39,432 players over a total of five million times.”

Bill didn’t grab the stat from thin-air of course, rather a transfer column written by Daniel Harris on the Guardian website on Tuesday in which Harris was clearly exaggerating the hours being put in by Moyes in search of new talent when he wrote: “The former Manchester United manager David Moyes spent 10 months watching 39,432 players a total of 5,097,301 times, only to sign Marouane Fellaini and Juan Mata.”

But if Billo says it, it has to be gospel, right? Right?

Hat-tip to BasicYoungFellas and Páraic MacAodha for sending this our way