Video: Here’s all of The Undertaker’s Tombstone finishes in one video 9 years ago

Video: Here’s all of The Undertaker’s Tombstone finishes in one video

Twenty three years of the most famous finishing move in wrestling, distilled into one video…

Mark Callaway is a modern marvel. The man better known as The Undertaker has been in the WWF/WWE for 23 years and remains one of the most famous wrestlers in the world.


Throughout his long career, despite numerous changes of storyline, costume and serious injury, one thing that has remained constant is his finishing move; the Tombstone.

First deployed on Koko B Ware at Survivor Series in 1990, the move has been used on practically every wrestler you can think of since. There have been some variations over the years of course, including incorporating steel chairs, concrete floors, caskets, hearses and steps and now the good folks at the WWE have compiled what they say is every single Tombstone in The Undertaker’s career in this video so you can enjoy them all.

We lost count after the first 100 here, but there sure is a lot and the video is a strangely compelling watch. It finishes on his most recent Wrestlemania win over CM Punk, his 21st consecutive win at the WWE’s biggest event.

We know a wrestling wining streak is not exactly up there with Arsenal's Invincibles or anything but for longevity in such a brutal pastime, we doff our wide-brimmed hats to the big fella.