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05th Dec 2014

Video: How many ‘meows’ can a hockey player fit into a 40 second interview?

It turns out the answer is quite a few…

Alan Loughnane

It turns out the answer is quite a few…

For our purposes, we are going to very creatively label the game ‘The Meow Game’ and this game has remained popular after first being introduced to the world in ‘Super Troopers’.

Video via macman2212.

Kalamazoo Wings centre Ray Kaunisto in the East Coast Hockey League in America decided to take part in ‘The Meow Game’ and managed to get in a very respectable seven ‘meows’ in the 40 second interview.

Well done Mr Kaunisto, you go into second place on our leaderboard behind Jamie from Cork who managed to get an astounding 21 ‘meows’ into his interview live on air with Cork’s Red FM.

Can anybody dislodge Jamie from top spot?

Video via gokwingsgo and hat-tip to The Bleacher Report.