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13th Feb 2014

Video: Human bowling looks like brilliant craic

Get your minds out of the gutter...and on to the ski slopes


Get your minds out of the gutter…and on to the ski slopes

Regular bowling has long been the go to activity for birthday parties, work nights out and general merriment, but we reckon that there’s a new contender to the throne for all of those occasions: human bowling.

Using a giant zorbing ball and a downhill snow slope instead of the traditional lane and ball, human bowling puts you right in the middle of the action, and your mates can get involved too, if they think they can outrun the ball as it rolls downhill towards the pins.

JOE is looking in to how much getting all this set up will cost, and whether or not we can have it for our birthday. We’ll let you all know once we…get the ball rolling. Sorry.

Hat-tip to Mashable for the video