VIDEO: JOE takes on SportsJOE in the inaugural Fifa 16 Inter-Office Cup 6 years ago

VIDEO: JOE takes on SportsJOE in the inaugural Fifa 16 Inter-Office Cup

Unbelievable JOE.

The rivalry between our brother site SportsJOE and ourselves reached boiling point over the last week. Naturally there was only one solution... a Fifa 16 tournament.


After several rounds, there was two gallant competitors left, SportsJOE's Conán Doherty and our own Joe Harrington. It was a tense affair but there could only be one victor.

With pace being no longer dominant in the new FIFA 16 - like it was last year - one-trick-pony Doherty was coming up short when he was tasked with actually playing football.

The game is now set up with more intelligent defending - individual backs are more agile and responsive to chasing after speedsters and the defence works as a unit, their positioning is realistic and their interceptions are constant so SportsJOE's hit-and-run tactics were soon found out.

Secretly, us JOE lads locked ourselves away with the FIFA Trainer before the tournament which, regardless of skill level, gives everyone a chance to compete at a higher level. The wily Harrington was whipping out new tricks unannounced like the no-touch dribble faint and the cheeky fake tackle move when the boys hit the field.


Watch the video to see JOE's Joe Harrington absolutely trounce an under prepared Conán Doherty.


Fifa 16 is available to buy now.