Video: Johnny Giles called Robin van Persie ‘a prat’ on RTE last night 8 years ago

Video: Johnny Giles called Robin van Persie ‘a prat’ on RTE last night

You’d expect this type of thing from Eamon Dunphy, but Johnny Giles? It’s obviously something he feels pretty strongly about.


You might not agree with all of the opinions expressed but in terms of entertainment value, the RTE football panel rarely fail to deliver and they did so again last night following Chelsea’s Champions League clash with Galatasaray.

Attention naturally turned to the situation at Manchester United following their defeat to Olympiacos the night previous and when Bill O’Herlihy brought up controversial comments made by Robin van Persie after the match, Giles wasn’t about to bite his tongue when expressing what he thought of the behaviour of the Dutch striker.

As well as that, Giles and Ronnie Whelan were both of the opinion that David Moyes should be given time to bring in his own players and make his own stamp at Manchester United, while the other member of the panel, Richie Sadlier, expressed an opinion consistent with his Sunday Independent newspaper column when saying that Moyes was out of his depth and not up to the task.

An interesting discussion as usual, but whose side would you be on? Feel free to let us know in the comment box below.


Video via YouTube/Gooner Conor