Video: Nitro Circus double front flip attempt goes horribly wrong 10 years ago

Video: Nitro Circus double front flip attempt goes horribly wrong

While attempting to set a record breaking double front flip at a Nitro Circus event in Hamilton, Canada, motocross rider Bruce Cook missed his landing and ended up in hospital…


The incident occurred last Friday night at The Nitro Circus Live Tour’s first ever Canadian show in Hamilton, Ontario.

According to, Cook had never attempted a double front flip with solid ramps before, which made the stunt all the more dangerous on the night.

Apparently, Cook had never even completed a single front flip on a motocross bike when he came up with the idea of doing a double front flip for Nitro Circus' first ever Canadian show.

Thankfully, Cook is okay and is still recovering in hospital, but it could have ended a whole lot worse for the 26-year-old.


After 3-hours of back surgery, the motocross rider was quick to thank fans for their messages of support on Instagram: "Hey all. I am absolutely blown away by all the messages and well wishes. It has literally taken me hours to make it through most of them and appreciate every one of them.

"This morning I underwent 3 hours of surgery on my back and I'll likely be in hospital in Ontario for the remainder of the week at which time I will transfer to BC. Again, thank you so much for all the support and positive messages.

"My mom and dad are here with me and helping keep spirits high. I've got this!... There is definitely a smile under that mask :) Remember, smiles are contagious!"