Video: Rory McIlroy, Wayne Rooney and Ronaldo star in class new Nike ad 7 years ago

Video: Rory McIlroy, Wayne Rooney and Ronaldo star in class new Nike ad

To celebrate the launch of their brand spankin’ new Ordem Football, Nike have drafted in not one, not two, but three (and a half) of their highest profile brand amassadors – Rory McIlroy, Wayne Rooney and the original Ronaldo.

It’s been a good week for our wee Rory and Wayne Rooney, as one finally won his first trophy of 2013, claiming victory in the Australian Open, while the other scored a brace to salvage a draw against Tottenham Hotspur. We’ll let you work out who did what.


Set to the dulcet tones of a crooning Bing Crosby, the two suitably-attired sporting stars go head-to-head in a hybrid game of golf and football-golf, with JOE particularly enjoying the rival keepy ups, impressive trick shots, as well as a starstruck JP Fitzgerald asking for Wayne’s autograph.

“What!? It’s Wayne Rooney!”

And keep an eye out for a great cameo appearance from a certain Ronaldo Luís Nazário de Lima...

According to Nike, “Wayne Rooney surprises Rory McIlroy at the first tee by bringing out the new Nike Ordem Football. Inspired by golf ball design, the Nike Ordem ball has unrivaled flight control through aerodynamic grooves. Flight perfected.”

As far as JOE can tell there doesn’t seem to be (too) much CGI involved and we imagine the lads had absolutely great craic out on the course for the day – nice work if you can get it. Following on from yesterday’s other Brazil-iant new Nike ad, this is yet another gem to add to the collection...