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18th May 2015

Video: Sports reporter’s reaction after cursing on air is priceless

Michael Smith handled this like a boss

Oisin Collins

Talk about a great recovery…

There are two ways to deal with cursing on live television.

The first sees you completely ignoring what just happened and getting on with the broadcast regardless, in the hopes that no one will ring up the Broadcasting Authority.

The second option is to make such a big deal about the curse in question, that everyone starts laughing about it, which is exactly what ESPN reporter Michael Smith did on His & Hers with Jemele Hill earlier today.

The pair were watching a video of Penn State DT Anthony Zettel tackling a tree when Smith turned to Hill and asked if that sort of thing impressed her and it was Hill’s response that led to the epic recovery…

Video via Neo Phyxius – YouTube

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