Video: This baseball mascot made a deaf kid’s day… 9 years ago

Video: This baseball mascot made a deaf kid’s day…

It’s great to see mascots taking the time to take pictures with young fans, but this particular mascot went the extra mile to make a deaf kid’s day… Legend.

It’s always great to bring your kid to a big game and let them experience the sights and sounds of a major sporting event, but it’s even better when the team’s mascot knows how to interact with your deaf child.


That’s exactly what happened for little Hunter Samworth who was at the Dayton Dragons vs. Forth Wayne game during the week.

The mascot in question is the Dayton Dragon's mascot, Heater, and as well as being the best-loved member of the Dayton Dragons, the guy who plays Heater also knows some sign language.

Speaking about the uplifting moment, Hunter’s mom Cheri said: "You can see on the video, his smile is like, he's gets me, he speaks my language, he understands me, Just a completely different experience for Hunter."