Video: This class version of the Haka by Killarney RFC is well worth a look 5 years ago

Video: This class version of the Haka by Killarney RFC is well worth a look

It’s a haka and an advertisement for Kerry tourism rolled into one and it’s very, very good.

It’s not for everyone and repeated exposure has dulled its effect somewhat, but there are few sights as awe-inspiring and fear-inducing in sport as a fired up All-Blacks side performing the haka immediately prior to kick-off in a rugby match.

As part of a Lidl competition to find a creative Irish-style version of the traditional Maori dance, Killarney RFC managed to make it even more awe-inspiring by combining elements of the dance itself with shots of the gorgeous surroundings of Killarney National Park.

The man leading the dance in the video above – performing the Piri Weepu role, if you like - is Killarney coach John Nikora and he is joined by a number of players responding to his war cry in various scenic locations throughout Killarney National Park, including Ladies’ View, Muckross House, Torc Waterfall and Ross Castle.

If the Killarney or Kerry Tourism Boards get wind of this – and we’re sure they will or already have – then they could do worse than use it as an advertisement to attract visitors to the south-west... as long as they’re confident that Nikora’s often frenzied facial expressions and barrel chest won’t scare off any potential tourists of course.

Great work lads.

Video via YouTube/LidlIreland  

Hat-tip to Liam Murphy for sending this our way