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07th Oct 2014

Video: Two kangaroos kicking the sh*t out of each other to classical music is worth a watch

Pow! Bam! Splatt!

Alan Loughnane

Pow! Bam! Splatt!

In a clip that can only be described as bizarre, two kangaroos were filmed fighting each other in Australia with a stunning array of martial arts moves similar to a scene from the Matrix.

To add to both the hilarity and downright strange nature of the video, some joker has added the famous classical song ‘The Blue Danube Waltz’ to the background and made the heavyweight bout seem somewhat elegant… especially in the way the marsupials use their tails to launch flying kicks.

Their no-nonsense, never back down style reminds us of the famous UFC star Chris Leben. He refused to back away even when he was eating punches, just have a look below (he is the guy in the grey shorts) and spot the similarities…

Videos via taotd and Rodney Langham.