Video: Watch this 15-year-old slam dunk like a pro 8 years ago

Video: Watch this 15-year-old slam dunk like a pro

The poor defender had no chance of stopping this dunk


The art of slam dunking is something that we presume you can only learn when you get tall enough, and unfortunately JOE has never reached the necessary measurements to be able to slam a ball home with authority through the hoop.

Seventh Woods looks to have perfected the manoeuvre already however, at just 15-years-old, as he flew through the air, taking out a helpless defender in his path at the Chick-Fil-A Classic last night. This play made the number one on ESPN Sports Centre last night ahead of LeBron James, and rightly so, if the shots of the reactions from the crowd afterwards are anything to go by.

We're going to nickname Seventh Woods the Seventh Wonder of the World, and we're confident that we're the first people that have ever done that. Don't bother checking that up, we're sure.