Video: We celebrate Ronaldinho's birthday with some of his most outrageous moments of skill 8 years ago

Video: We celebrate Ronaldinho's birthday with some of his most outrageous moments of skill

Legendary Brazilian footballer Ronaldinho turns 34 today. We decided to make a tribute to the smiling assassin from Porto Alegre.

He's had a glittering career playing for clubs such as Paris Saint-Germain, Barcelona, AC Milan, Flamengo and is still playing with Atletico Mineiro. He won the World Cup with Brazil in 2002 and twice was voted World Player of the Year and he's an all round legend who deserves a birthday tribute showcasing his greatness.


We start off with an outrageous piece of skill he shows playing for Barcelona in a match against Osasuna in the Nou Camp. He receives the ball with his back to the defender, flicks it over the oncoming defender's head and pirouettes to redeem the fruits of his labour. Glorious.

Here's one from his Milan days where he basically humiliates the Chievo defender.


Not many people would try chip a goalkeeper who is stood on his line. Ronaldinho did and he scored too.

Playing for Flamengo, we defy you to show us a better first touch anywhere.


Here's a delicious little nutmeg playing for Brazil against Steve Gerrard. Gerrard falls over.

He wasn't just all flicks and nutmegs. He could hit a ball when he wanted to. This is for Milan against Braga.


Here's a free-kick for Flamengo against Santos. Bend it around the wall or over it? How about under it?

Here he is like a cat toying with a mouse. The poor defender is helpless.

He's still got it you know. This is from December last year.


Your team is trailing, you receive the ball outisde the box in a standing position surrounded by defenders. What do you do? Well, if you are Ronaldinho, you do this.....

Happy Birthday to a proper superstar.