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11th Nov 2013

Video: Which of these golazos from last night is better, Paul Pogba’s or Andrea Pirlo’s?

This is a tough call


This is a tough call

One thing is for sure about this competition, Rafa Benitez won’t be picking his favourite. But aside from the Napoli boss, the rest of us can revel in these two beauts by Juventus last night.

Juventus won 3-0, and two of the goals were top class efforts. The opener, by Fernando Llorente, after two minutes wasn’t anything to write home about but the other two certainly were.

First, there was this classic Andrea Pirlo free-kick, which flew into the top corner with what looked like relative ease. It is easy if you are called Andrea Pirlo.

Then, just minutes later, a ball is miscontrolled by Pogba but the former Manchester United man turns the mistake into an absolute belter with a sweet volley.

Pogba goal

We’re leaning towards Pirlo’s effort, just because of the man himself, but do let us know your favourite below.