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21st Aug 2014

Video: Young Irish kid hilariously asks Jamie Carragher if Luis Suarez has ever bitten him

To be honest, we've all been thinking it...

Paul Moore

To be honest, we’ve all been thinking it…

Like Ron Burgundy and the Channel 4 newsteam, JOE lives our life by a strict journalism code of ethics.

Some of our golden rules include; always research your subject, have perfectly groomed hair and that drinking a glass of scotch before writing a story is perfectly fine.

This young Irish Liverpool fan seems like he could be set for a career in the media when he is all grown up after asking Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher this hilarious question about his former teammate Luis Suarez.

We all know that the Uruguayan has bitten three opponents on the field but has he ever chomped his gnashers into Carra?

This is hilarious.

Clip via – Fivetimes Co

Fair play to the young lad for asking the question and also to the former Reds centre-back who definitely saw the funny side of it. He still didn’t answer the question though.

We think Carra should have to sit down and be grilled by this young lad. JOE reckons that it would be just like the Frost/Nixon interviews but with more football.