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08th May 2017

WATCH: Some Irish fans were really feeling the heat watching the cricket on Sunday

Alan Loughnane

What a glorious, luscious shine…

Did you enjoy the sun yesterday? It seems a lot of people did with every Snapchat and Instagram I saw seeming to be people in their back garden sunbathing saying, “Grand day for it”, or a picture of a few bottles of cider with a cheeky winky face saying, “Sure it’d be rude not to.”

Over in Lord’s yesterday, England beat Ireland in cricket to clinch the series 2-0 in what was a hot and sweaty day in the UK.

Irish people are, by nature, not very well equipped to deal with the sun and the mere sight of it outside is enough to render many of us a bright shade of scarlet.

Just take a look at this Galway man following his stag in California…

But there were some people in Lord’s yesterday that had absolutely no intention of getting reddened while sitting out in the sweltering sun.

Cameras at the cricket picked up two Irish fans in the crowd taking precautions against the sun in what is actually quite a hypnotic scene.

The post has been viewed over 200k times at the time of writing and seems to have struck a chord with a lot of people online. I mean… look at that shine.

Cheers to Craig Senior for sending this our way. 
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