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11th Jan 2017

WATCH: Pointless contestant wins jackpot thanks to a classic answer about Henrik Larsson


Proof that Henrik Larsson is still the King of Kings.

Pointless contestants Tasha and Jo won a jackpot of £2,250 thanks to Henrik Larsson, but the reason the Celtic striker came through for them was the real story.

The sisters made it to the jackpot round and were given three choices – they could name a Euro 2000 goalscorer, a Brit Award winner from the same year, or an actor or actress who featured in 2000 film Snatch.

With the pair undoubtedly not the biggest football fans, Jo was about to begin providing Brit Awards winners, only for Tasha to chip in unexpectedly to mention that “I have one goalscorer – Henrik Larsson.

And, in a remarkable twist, Larsson ended up winning the pair the jackpot by virtue of his consolation goal in Sweden’s 2-1 defeat to Italy.

“My boyfriend Alex is a massive Celtic supporter and he knows I’m rubbish with names…so he said ‘anything football-related, he’s played for Man U, he’s played for Celtic and Barcelona I think,” Tasha explained after the surprise win.

“And he just said ‘Go for Henrik Larsson’, and it’s paid off!”

In fact, neither of their two Brit Awards guesses – Natalie Imbruglia or TLC – would have been pointless answers.

And, as you can probably guess, there were plenty of Celtic fans watching who were delighted, both for Tasha and Jo, and on the part of Alex for doing the right thing.