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So true...

It's the time of year where you get called into the dressing rooms of your GAA club by management and they outline once again how the season is going to play out.

Although, not all of them are quite as extreme as this one....

In the back of your mind, you know this is all talk and inevitably the guy who doesn't come training will be in the team when championship comes around, regardless of what the management says.

Talk of a drinking bans are bandied about and while can sometimes be agreed upon in the meeting, at least 70% of the men in the dressing room have intentions of heading to the pub afterwards for a start of season pint.

The 2 Johnnies have put together a short sketch of how the meetings with management usually turn out and they've got it nailed down from the college fella who has zero intention of coming back, to the county man who's above such peasantry as training with the club.

You'll have seen every character in this before...


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