10 athletes you should definitely be following on Instagram 8 years ago

10 athletes you should definitely be following on Instagram

You've no excuses for not knowing who to follow now...

Instagram is the place to be these days and it's easy to understand why, who doesn't want to see what their favourite celebrity or athlete is getting up to?


The photo sharing platform is expanding rapidly as a social networking site, especially since more and more people are linking their Facebook and Twitter pages to their Instagram account.

However, it can be difficult to decide who to follow as Instagram because they're not as encouraging as Twitter with their suggestions.


So after obligatorily following all your friends and work colleagues on Insta (we're hip and down with the cool kids so we sometimes call it that), the ideas on who to follow can dry up pretty quickly.


Needless to say, any lad with half an interest in football will probably follow Cristiano Ronaldo and if you're Irish or have a passing interest in MMA, the chances are you're following Conor McGregor.

But after that?

We think you should be following at least some of these athletes...

10. Usain Bolt - Sprinter


This would seem like a no brainer, given that he's the fastest man alive! His life is also really interesting, plus he doesn't post pictures of his food the whole time!

9. Kelly Slater - Surfer

Come on, we've all watched Point Break at some stage and visualised living that life... well without the whole robbing banks thing.

Kelly Slater is an 11-time ASP World Tour Champion and he lives a very interesting life, just look at his selfie skills below.


8. Allison Stoke - Pole Vault

This girl is the centre of one of the most famous internet memes around, do you remember the one?


Image via Imgur.

But the track and field star lives a really cool life and and is a regular poster to Instagram and frequently uploads her training videos and photos.


7. Mike Tyson - Boxer

Need we say anymore? Anyway, who doesn't love to see some pics of Iron Mike?

6.  Darran O'Sullivan - Kerry Footballer

We said we'd have to include at least one GAA star and after a toss up between Anna Geary and Darran O'Sullivan, we went for the Kerry man because we couldn't find Anna's Instagram account.

But we still think the life of a GAA player is  quite interesting and the Kerry ace's page is definitely worth a follow.

5. Anastasia Ashley - Surfer

How could we not include Anastasia when she posted such beautiful messages about Ireland just a few short months ago?

Her sun-filled photos may leave you feeling jealous of her life... and her boyfriend.

4. Floyd Mayweather - Boxer

As much as we don't like the arrogance and cockiness of the extremely talented boxer, those pictures of his enormous wealth and extravagant spending are worth the follow alone.

You can either love him or hate him but a follow is in order regardless.

3. Ronda Rousey - UFC fighter

Come on, you must have heard of Ronda Rousey at this stage? Not only does her Instagram give you an insight into her rigorous training regime but she also brings you exclusive footage behind the scenes of certain UFC functions.

Including this close-up of her weigh-in with Bethe Correia.

2. Brian O'Driscoll - Do we even need to say what sport?

Brian is enjoying his retirement and has been getting up to all sorts in his well earned spare time, he's even gotten quite good at tennis.

1. Rory McIlroy - Golfer

This is a must for all golf fans, Rory is one of the best golfers in the world and he constantly updates his page with photos of his workouts, injuries and shots from the tee.

Just look at that form...

Main image via Anastasia Ashley.