Amazon has just introduced the future of paying for alcohol 6 months ago

Amazon has just introduced the future of paying for alcohol

At the moment, it is just in use in one place on the planet, but expect the rollout soon!

Amazon has just introduced a new update to their Amazon One system, which will allow users to enter their age verification details when paying for anything that might require them to be over a minimum legal age (e.g. alcohol). The thing is though, Amazon One itself is a genius bit of technology that requires nothing more than the palm of your hand to be used.


Currently, the technology is restricted to the States, with the age verification update specifically restricted to just Coors Field, where the Colorado Rockies team play baseball, but it is expected that the technology will soon see a worldwide rollout.

For the Amazon One sign-up, customers simply need to go to one of their stores, sign up their credit/debit card details, and then do a quick palm scan. The entire thing reportedly takes around a minute to complete.

Having solved the problem for needing to take out your wallet or phone to scan to pay for anything, Amazon One is aiming to do away with the need for having a wallet at all. As per their statement on the new age verification update:

"We’re solving that customer pain point and improving the guest experience with the launch of a new capability called 'age verification,' which enables adult customers [minimum legal age in your region] and over to purchase alcoholic beverages by simply hovering their palm over an Amazon One device, without digging into their wallets for a physical government-issued ID."


The Amazon One is currently available in over 100 outlets in the States, and you can find out more information about the entire technology right here.

Main image via Amazon One/AboutAmazon website

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