New dating app allows your friends to play as your personal matchmaker 5 years ago

New dating app allows your friends to play as your personal matchmaker

Ever wanted to play cupid? Well, now you can.

As anyone who is single (we're assuming) can tell you, those who are in happy relationships (again, assuming) will ask can they get a quick look at Tinder or whatever your dating app of choice might be.


Before you even what is realising what is happening, they're declaring "Ah, they look perfect for you!" and all of a sudden you're matched up with some berk you'd actively avoid if you seen them in a bar / on the street.

Yep, in a purely grass-is-greener scenario, single people want to be in a relationship, and those in a relationship are a little bit jealous they don't get to use the dating apps.

However, some tech genius has managed to put those two markets together for the new app Hinge Matchmaker.

A standalone app from the original Hinge dating app, this one is specifically for those who want to play cupid with their friends.


If you've ever thought to yourself "I really think X and Y would be perfect for each other, but getting them together in the same room is too much like hard work", then this would seem to be the perfect solution.

Essentially, you log on, and you see which if your friends are using the Hinge app, and from there you can scroll through them all and sort out which ones you think would be great for each other, and even send a little ice-breaker message to them both to get the ball rolling.

Additionally, if there aren't enough to chose from, or if you've got a specific friend in mind, you can invite them to join Hinge, and then match them up that way.


Hinge founder Justin McLeod told Tech Crunch:

"We’re seeing five times the number of dates per person happen on the platform, relative to the old version of Hinge. And we’re seeing really good uptake of people who are subscribing to Hinge."