Stop everything! We've just found the best Christmas ad of the year 5 years ago

Stop everything! We've just found the best Christmas ad of the year


It isn't even December yet, but we've already had some very decent Christmas ads this year.


There was the Aldi one, which looked a lot like the usual Coca Cola one, which resulted in Coca Cola responding to the ad.

And then there was the second Aldi one, which featured a full on evil vegetable (note: most vegetables are evil).

We also had the banned Iceland advert, as well as the new John Lewis ad, which resulted in us ranking all of the John Lewis ads to date.

So there is already a lot of competition, but we feel pretty confident when we say this new advert from Apple is the winner.


Prepare yourself for all of the feels:

Yep, that had a very Pixar-y short film feel to it, which we totally appreciated.

Nothing triggers us faster than a cute dog thinking it is people, but also the whole message of sharing yourself with the world - as well as the minimal amount of actual product placement - was enough to send us over the emotional edge.


Well played, Apple. You win Christmas this year!

In case you're interested at all, they've also released a video on how they made the advert, which you can check out right here:

All clips via Apple