Apple and Samsung sign deal to combine some of their services 4 years ago

Apple and Samsung sign deal to combine some of their services

A move we didn't think we'd see.

Samsung has announced that they will add an app to their smart televisions that will allow users to watch content from Apple's iTunes service.


The move means iTunes movie and TV show libraries will be accessible from 2018 and 2019 smart TVs manufactured by Samsung.

The partnership will also result in support for AirPlay 2, which allows users to stream media directly from an Apple device to an Apple TV or other compatible device, for the models of TV in question.

The deal is part of an ongoing strategy shift for Apple with smartphone sales lower than expected for a variety of reasons from the emergence of genuine challengers in the form of Huawei and others affecting sales in China, to people not willing to dish out big money for minor upgrades to their smartphones.

In a pivot, Apple is increasingly leaning on other parts of their business such as their services segment, from iCloud to music and streaming services, as alternative forms of revenue.


Samsung and Apple have long been competitors in the smartphone market and what makes the move even more significant is the fact it's the first time Apple has allowed third-party devices, other than Windows PCs, to access its video library.