The Black Mirror dating app is now online just in time to ruin your Valentine's Day 5 years ago

The Black Mirror dating app is now online just in time to ruin your Valentine's Day

"Coach" can now predict your future too!

If your Valentine's Day has been going smooth so far, why not stick a wrench in the works ahead of that romantic dinner later?


Better yet, why not do it Black Mirror style. After all, what's the worst thing that could happen?

A new mysterious website has surfaced, which recreates the Coach app featured in the season four episode, Hang the DJ.

"Coach" is the fictional AI dating instructor who pairs off single people on a rotational basis so as to conclude who their life-partner would be with a 99.8% success rate. It also told you when you were going to break things off with every other person, which is precisely what the Coach Dating website offers users.


That's right. We all like to get an expiration date on our milk. Now you can have a similar one for your relationship too.

For the record, this reporter tried it with himself and received 13 years. So that's... not worrying at all.

Clip via - Netflix


Oddly enough, this is the second time in a week in which a feature of the fourth season has been realised in some shape or form, after the engineering company Boston Dynamics shared footage of the SpotMini, which is a dog-like, four-legged robot that has the ability to pick up and handle objects and has sensors that help with navigation and mobile manipulation in an office or a home.

Clip via - BostonDynamics

This critter should be familiar to anybody who say the post-apocalyptic episode, Metalhead, in which a woman is hunted by a similar robot dog. Like the Metalhead dog, which can wield a knife and drive a van, the SpotMini can already open doors...


Hooray for technology!