Call of Duty goes mobile as 'Strike Team' arrives on iOS 10 years ago

Call of Duty goes mobile as 'Strike Team' arrives on iOS

Can't get enough Call of Duty when playing it in on your console? Then go mobile with Strike Team

Activision have released Call of Duty: Strike Team today, a little surprisingly, and it gives you the option of playing as a first person shooter or as a top down third person strategy-style game.


call of duty

The storyline is much the same as the other titles in the franchise, it's set in 2020 and those pesky Russians are up to no good again so we've got to stop them because 'Merica, god damn it god damn.

call of duty 2

There are two main modes to the game, Campaign Mode, with all the "epic, cinematic moments in diverse locations around the world" that we've come to expect from the COD games, and Survival Mode, where you "put your skills to the test as you fight off waves of increasingly difficult enemies".


The game costs £4.99 (about €6) on iTunes, and should be a great way to keep you entertained as we await the arrival of Ghosts.