Four easy steps to download all of your old Bebo photos 7 years ago

Four easy steps to download all of your old Bebo photos

Set your face to cringe.

Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter are all the rage these days, but social media started with MySpace, MSN and... Bebo.


Bebo spread through Irish colleges, schools and workplaces like wildfire a decade ago with photos, love, top friends and lists being share online for the first time ever.

It was a wonderful time to be alive.

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The site died a death after a few years, but there's life in the old dog yet, well sort of.


You can get back all the sexy photos you posted up there, IF you're brave enough, and IF you didn't disable your account.

Here are the four simple steps download all those old photos;

1. Download Bebo for iPhone or Android.

2. Create a new account.


3. Just type #oldphotos in any chat, and enter your old Bebo account info (your old email address will do).

4. You will then receive your Photos & Blog Posts via email.

A few people have already done it, and here's how they reacted.


You've been warned people, you've been warned.