Google Chrome extension automatically applies discount codes for you 4 years ago

Google Chrome extension automatically applies discount codes for you

No more scouring the web for discount codes.

Online shopping is fun.


It's like going to the shops, except you don't have to get dressed, or even leave your bed. You can browse and browse and browse until you find the thing you want to buy, without the hassle of going into a town centre, having to squeeze past other people in the aisles, paying for the bus, or parking, or however you travel.

It's killing the high street, but boy is it convenient.

Many of you who do a lot of online shopping will be familiar with searching for discount codes.

There are plenty of websites that provide them, and if you know where to look, you can save a lot of money by using them.


But wouldn't it be lovely if someone did that part for you? Can you see where I'm going with this? Now, there is a Google Chrome extension for exactly that purpose.

'Piggy' as it is known, will appear at the checkout page and automatically find and apply the best discount codes to the product you are buying.

It will work across 5,000 stores, so unless you're buying something off the dark web, which I urge you not to do, it should work. It also works on travel sites.

Having been rated by over 22,000 users, Piggy boasts a five-star rating.


You can thank me later, when you're bathing in a tub full of all the money you've saved.

You can download the extension here.