These were the most Googled questions in Ireland this year 7 months ago

These were the most Googled questions in Ireland this year

"Hey Google..."

2020. What is there left to say about the year that will soon be over?


Well why don't we let the most Googled things in Ireland walk us through the year that was and give us an insight into the collective minds of the Irish people as they endured a global pandemic, lockdowns, conspiracy theories, an election in the US dominated by misinformation and much more.

Unsurprisingly Covid-19, the biggest news story of the year, took the second spot on the overall search list and its impact can also be heavily viewed on the ‘How To’ search list.

Irish people took to Google to attempt home fixes to a number of conundrums including 'how to cut men's hair' and 'how to make hand sanitiser' as well as ways to break the lockdown monotony with some bread making.

These were the most Googled "How To" questions in Ireland this year.

  1. How to make a face mask?
  2. How to make hand sanitiser?
  3. How to register to vote?
  4. How to cut men's hair?
  5. How to make scones?
  6. How to make banana bread?
  7. How to cut your own hair?
  8. How to make cookies?
  9. How to cancel Covid payment?
  10. How to get tested for coronavirus Ireland?

These were the most Googled "What Is" questions in Ireland this year.

  1. What is level 3 restrictions?
  2. What is a pandemic?
  3. What is 5g?
  4. What is coronavirus?
  5. What is the population of Ireland?
  6. What is the population of America?
  7. What is TikTok?
  8. What is direct provision?
  9. What is blackout Tuesday?
  10. What is the electoral college?

It seemed like all of Ireland took up baking to get through the first lockdown and Google’s top recipe searches confirm this, with brown bread claiming the top spot on the recipe list.

The only surprise is that banana bread wasn't the number one search.

Here are the most searched recipes in Ireland this year.

  1. Brown bread recipe
  2. Scones recipe
  3. Pizza dough recipe
  4. Apple tart recipe
  5. Soda bread recipe
  6. Strawberry daiquiri recipe
  7. Chicken recipes
  8. Carrot cake recipe
  9. Margarita recipe
  10. Chocolate cake recipe