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29th Oct 2017

Anyone still playing Grand Theft Auto V is in for a great surprise this week

Oh. HELLS. Yes.

Rory Cashin

If you’re not playing, this might be a good reason to get back into it.

It has been a little over 4 years since Grand Theft Auto V was released and the entire gaming world lost their minds at how near-perfect it was.

The addition of Grand Theft Auto Online meant that gamers could continue to get lost in the city of San Andreas for years on end and potentially never get bored thanks to the endless stream of new missions and additions that can be added on constantly.

While the games developers Rockstar have been busy with the upcoming release of Red Dead Redemption II (you can check out that game’s awesome trailer here), that has been no word on a GTA VI just yet.

But that doesn’t mean that Rockstar have forgotten about their GTA following, and to celebrate the 4th anniversary, they have dropped a brand new vehicle that fans have been drooling over since it was initially rumoured a while back.

Ladies and Gentleman, here is the Vigilante.

Clip via GTA Series Videos

Yep, that is pretty much the Batmobile, changed just enough to ensure that Rockstar don’t get sued by DC Comics and Warner Brothers (since it looks A LOT like the 1989 Batman version of the Batmobile).

If you want to pick up the superfast, practically indestructible car for yourself, it will cost you almost $4 million of in-game money, which will put a pretty dent in those savings you’ve been making over the last 4 years.

To ease that pain a little bit, Rockstar will be giving away $400,000 to anyone who logs in to GTA Online between Monday 6 November and Monday 13 November.

So you’re already a tenth of the way there! No problemo!