Infographic: The top sports teams on social media are... 10 years ago

Infographic: The top sports teams on social media are...

The results are in, and the teams with the biggest following online have been announced. Thankfully we have an infogaphic too, so there ain't no readin'

Surprisingly, some of the biggest names in the Premier League don't feature, like Liverpool and Manchester United. Instead, their city rivals, City, are right up there, while Real Madrid and Barcelona dominate. The full top five is Real Madrid, Barcelona, Manchester City, Galatasaray (another surprise entry we'd say) and Chelsea.



They also had a look at who has the biggest and most engaged following amongst the individual players on their social platforms, and despite Ronaldo having a whole heap of followers, the interesting antics of our mate Mario Balotelli have won out the day. Good aul Mario.

The stats were put together by AOL Networks 'Be On', and they judged the winners based on volume of content, number of views, engagement, creativity and overall quality of video on owned and social channels for each of the teams and players.

They've also got information on the top Forumla 1 teams (no surprise that Ferrari still top that list, but Red Bull aren't far behind), and the top teams in the NFL, with the Washington Redskins (currently debating whether or not they should change their name) and the Ashes. The full list of the top ten engaged teams on social media are as follows:


1. Real Madrid
2. FC Barcelona
3. Manchester City
4. Galatasaray
5. Chelsea
6. Ferrari F1
7. LA Lakers
8. Dallas Cowboys
9. Red Bull Racing/Cricket Australia
10. Boston Celtics